What to avoid

Santorini is a dream island, easily comparable to paradise on earth according to thousands of travelers. However, just like with the best and most marvelous roses, there are always some thorns to watch out for and avoid.
Here’s what we recommend you avoid during your trip to Santorini:

While the island is very safe, you should never be without insurance. This goes for both health and car insurance, especially if you’re traveling with your vehicle or plan to rent one there. Anything can happen, so better safe than sorry.

One minor thing to avoid is flushing toilet paper. If where you come from, flushing toilet paper is the regular then it might take some time to get used to it. The Greek sewage system is different and paper is not flushable and should be thrown in the trash instead.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Santorini is extremely popular and during peak season it will be overcrowded. That is something might like to avoid at all costs unless watching the romantic sunset along with 4000 other people is your thing. The southern part of the island is a little less crowded so you might want to spend some time there to avoid the hustle. It is just as beautiful as the rest of the island.

However, you should avoid walking alone, especially late at night around the more remote areas of the island. Crime rate is really low in Santorini but not nonexistent.