Regardless of where you accommodation option is located in Santorini, it is very likely that you’ll want to visit several places along the island. Thus it’s a good idea to know what your transportation options are.

On foot

Towns such as Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli are within easy walking distance. From Imerovigli to Oía, a 5.5km road awaits the bravest, who must carry a lot of water, a hat and sunscreen if they want to traverse it.

By bus

The bus system works very well in Santorini – although expect to find queues after sunset in Oía. Each trip costs around € 2, so consider whether it is more profitable to rent a motorbike/scooter.

By motorbike, quad or car

If you know how to drive a vehicle of your choice, it is ideal to rent one during your time in Santorini. Just make sure that the bike has enough displacement to face the hills on the way to Oía. Quads and cars are another equally valid option, but not so practical in case of traffic (very common in high season) or when parking.

By taxi

Another option to consider is taxis. My advice is that you contract the transfer directly with your hotel, especially if your flight departs at dawn. At certain times it may be impossible to find a taxi to take you to the airport and you do not want to miss your flight.