Health and Safety

Crime rates in Santorini have decreased significantly in recent years. There is nothing to fear for but there are certain things to look out for.


The main Hospital of Santorini is located in Καρτεραδος, Thira, 847 00, and is open 24/7. There are 3 more main clinics in the island but they are private. The phone number of the hospital is +30 2286 035300. The general number for emergencies in Greece, which obviously applies for Santorini as well is 112. The number for ambulances is 166.

Certain vaccines are recommended for visiting Santorini. Those are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, measles, tetanus and influenza.


Santorini is a very safe island. However, there are always things to watch out for. For example, assault and robbery are not common but you should never leave valuables in your car or in general unattended.

Locals on the island see thousands of tourists every year and are generally very open minded so you won’t notice any racism or discrimination.

One of the main sources of accidents in Spain are motorbikes and scooters. Since the island is relatively small but not small enough to traverse comfortably by foot, many travellers choose to rent motorbikes, scooters and even quads. The problem is that many of these ambitious travellers have a driver’s license but are not accustomed to the vehicle or the Santorini streets thus end up getting hurt occasionally.

Night in Santorini

Just like with any place in the world, late at night when people are partying and getting drunk there is always some risk. However, you can rest assured that in Santorini there are no organized crime, drug and violence problems.

Despite all that you should not walk alone late at night in remote dark areas, for example when going back to your hotel after a night out.