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Santorini Car Hire Tips and Advice

When planning to visit the Greek island of Santorini, you may be looking at your options for car hire in Santorini. After all, if you are flying in from the airport with your family, then hiring a car would offer you the greatest flexibility for your trip.

The beautiful island of Santorini with its steep hillside villages of white-painted houses that seem to effortlessly cling to the side of the caldera is a great destination for a romantic getaway with your partner, but can also be a great escape for your family with it’s bustling main town of Fira, endless beautiful beaches and stunning deep blue waters.

Car rental in Santorini is well catered for, which is good because the need for easy transportation is high here with many of the stunning views and interesting attractions and beaches being some distance away from the airport or ferry port. Car rental in Santorini airport is very reasonably priced, and gives you the convenience of being able to get mobile as quickly as possible after your plane has landed.


Whether you choose from car hire in Santorini airport, or go for car rental in port of Santorini when coming off the ferry to the island, the flexibility offered can be far better than having to rely on taxis or the local bus service for your holiday. However, if you are basing your holiday away from the main port or airport and are planning a relaxing getaway spending time on a beach, then you can still choose to hire a car for a few days rather than for the whole duration of your stay if this appeals to you.

If you are heading for Perissa for your break, with its famous Black Sand Beach and coastal restaurants and bars, then car hire in Perissa is a good option for when you want to explore more of the surrounding coastline and discover other hidden beaches and coves and quaint little villages. Perissa has a very distinctive church that is worth a visit – Timiou Stayro church is a beautiful whitewashed building topped off with blue domes that really stand out against the rugged landscape. Follow the trail that leads up Mount Mesa Vouno to witness spectacular views over the rippling blue Aegean Sea.

Alternatively, car rental in Fira can be an easy option for a fun-packed family holiday should you choose to be based in the busy main town of Santorini island. Having a car here gives your family the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the main town and easily explore the beauty of surrounding villages and dine at the many intimate family run fish restaurants that are dotted around the small coastal communities with easy access to stunning beaches.